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About the Pritul Bakery Machines

Pritul Bakery Machines is an enterprise committed towards manufacturing and supplying quality bakery machines, Bakery equipments, Bakery ovens and accessories to the bakery industries since 1986. It is based at Muzaffarnagar (u.p) township and is in the manufacturing line of bakery machines, bakery ovens & bakery equipments from past 23 years. The company has built up a name of itself in design engineering, quality techniques & maintenance services.
Pritul's bakery equipments have been the ideal choice for bakers and manufacturers of bread & rusk (toast) and all other A to Z bakery product around the country.


pritul bakery machines manufacturer of Bakery Machines, Bakery Equipments and Bakery Ovens
Our Range of Bakery Machines, Bakery Equipments and Bakery Ovens
know more about rotary rack oven Rotary Rack Oven

Bakers prefer Pritul Machines (Rotary rack oven)due to its unsurpassed even flow of heat, which results perfectly baked products every time.
Pritul's newly designed Compact and Comet Rack Oven boast exceptionally large Baking area with minimum surface requirement. And also with a steam system which provides high volume, shine, texture and crust in the market.

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Rotary rack oven,reck oven of pritul
Rotary Rack Oven
know more about proving room Proving Room

Pritul's Fully Stainless Steel Proving Room, is used to ferment dough after mixing and before baking the products, it gives more shine, denseness and softness to the finished products.
A high capacity proving room has been specially developed to guarantee an even flow of steam through out the chamber.
This stream generator has been constructed to supply saturated.

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proving room,proving chamber ,fermentation chamber by pritul bakery machines
Proving Room
know more about spiralmixer Spiral Mixer

As the name (spiral mixer) it gives more volume to mixed product or dough.Pritul's Industrial spiral mixture is used to mix all raw materials like wheat, oil, water etc. Firstly spring of spiral mixer rotates slowly untill wheat absorbs water properly and after that it rotates at its high speed while bowl rotates at its constant speed always. Also the rotation of spring and bowl depends on time, you set down according to raw material, as the time out they stop rotating and the mixed product is Ready to come out.

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spiralmixer, bakery machines by pritul machines
Spiral Mixer
plenatry mixer Planetary Mixer

As the name (planetary mixer / egg beeter) it gives more volume to mixed product. Pritul's lplanetary mixer is used to mix all raw materials specially to beat egg,so it is also called eggbeeter.

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plenatry mixer
Planetary Mixer
deck oven Deck Ovens    

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Deck Ovens
cookie drop machine Cookie-Drop Machine    

Pritul's Cookie-drop machine is ideal for bakers, Machines is constructed entirely in stainless steel and food grade anti cordal aluminium.Our computeriesed machine for the automatic forming and dosing on trays of liquied .

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Cookie-Drop Machine
Cookie-Drop Machine
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